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Friday, February 2, 2007

Who's Baby? Poll

I believe "boy" won the earlier gender poll. Time for a new poll!

My receptionist declared yesterday that the baby was going to be a girl, and that she was going to look just like me.

So what do you think?

Are you predicting a baby who looks:

a) more like me
b) more like Baby Daddy (BD)
c) a mix of both of us
d) someone entirely different


Vote now! Have your voice heard!


Chrissy said...

I think it'll be a girl who looks like both of you. I also think you should name her with alliteration in mind, like Sally Sue. Of course if it's a boy you could always pilfer our Cray Zachary idea... It would fit your family too.

Shanley said...

Before I answer, a little clarification: what's the difference between options a and b? boobs or beard? tall or really tall? brown hair or brown hair?

gs said...

I predict the baby will be a beautiful bald baby (who will later grow hair!). As to the gender...hmmmm...I'm still thinking.

Shanna said...

Whatever s/he looks like, we know her/his first word will be "onomotopaeia" or something like that. Jason thinks her/his first words will be straight from Lebowski, i.e. "this is NOT Vietnam, Mommy, there are rules!"

Auntie Sara said...

LOL omg...I think Shanna is Right!! It's gotta be something from The Big Lebowski. lol.

gh said...

I'm with Shanley: Andy and Darcy look more like brother and sister than they resemble their own sibs. I vote for the gene pool that got to skip orthodontia.

Kathryn said...

i think it will be a boy who looks like Joy. you know, just to mix things up.

DarcyLaine said...

Well, you can already tell from the picture that my niece drew that the baby probably has my face, hands, and feet.