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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fetal Attraction Baby Contest

Announcing the "Fetal Attraction Baby Contest"...sponsored by guest bloggers GS & GS:

"This is a contest to see who can guess themost correct answers about the baby at birth.

Here are the categories:
1. Gender
2. Arrival date
3. Arrival time (AM or PM)
4. Weight
5. Length/height
6. hair/no hair(or little hair)

Here's how it works:
1. This contest is open to family and friends only (no random internet perverts, sorry)
2. Each answer to each category is assigned a number according to the answer. The object (in order to be the winner) is to get the lowest score.

Scoring is as follows:
1. gender: if it's a boy and you guess boy...your score is "0" if you correctly guess the gender ("1" if you are wrong)
2. arrival date: if you guess the exact date your score is "0". If you guess a date that is one day before or after...your score is "1"...if you guess 2 days before or after...your score is "2", etc.
3. arrival time: if you guess correctly your score is "0" otherwise it's "1"
4. weight: if you guess correctly, your score is "0" and otherwise your score is according to how many ounces you are off from the actual birthweight. In otherwords, if the baby weighs 7 pounds and you guess 7 1/2 pounds...your score is "8" for being off 8 ounces. If you guessed 8 pounds...your score would be 16.
5. length: if the baby is 18" and you guess 18 your score is "0". If youguessed 18 1/2" your score is "0". If you guessed 19" your score is 1...ifyou guessed 20 1/2 your score is "2", etc.
6. hair/no hair: either "0" for correct and "1" for incorrect

The Prize:
The winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Babies R Us which they agree to use to select presents for the new baby! This certificate is donated by GS & GS."

Please respond to this blogpost with questions only. Once we clarify all of the confusing points, I'll repost the contest and begin accepting entries (which will be tracked and scored by independent auditor, GS).

Gentlemen, start your engines....


Shanley said...

Fun game! What's our cutoff date for entries?
Any guarantees that the mom & dad won't know the answers so they can't throw the contest (don't push! gotta make PM!) - and no little toupees for the kiddo, either.
Speaking of - what is the threshhold for hair?

DarcyLaine said...

Shall we say April 9 is the cut-off date for entries?

GS as judge for hair threshold?

And I give my guarantee that we don't have any inside information. But don't think I'm not going to participate in the contest... I'm always a game for a little healthy competition.

Auntie Sara said...

I have to say...I'm pretty stoked about this!

Carrie said...

Darcy is totally going to cheat!

gs said...

Yay! This will be fun! One clarification as to the rules: in rule #3 the time the baby will will need to enter AM or PM and scoring is either "0" for correct or "1" for incorrect. As to Shanley's question about hair...a guess of "hair" means a noticeable amount...where you'd say he/or she has hair. A guess of "no hair" would mean bald or a very small amount of hair...hardly noticeable.

Kathryn said...

I love this contest! Count me in! I'm going to be picking out some adorable one-sies come scoring time! ;)

Shanley said...

I'm with you, Carrie. Darcy is SO going to cheat. Who cares that she gets the prize regardless - Girl's in for bragging rights. The best part will be us hearing about how she did it!

Shanley said...

Oh - does the hair have to be relegated to the head? If a little bald monkey pops out, is that still hair?

Shanley said...

got approval to post these questions...
1. Do we all get points if the baby is dual-gendered?
2. Are we measuring the sexual gender or the identity gender? Does someone get a bigger prize in 16 years if the identity gender is different than sexual gender? And if there's a sex change does someone hit a jackpot for being *really* in tune with the kiddo?

Chrissy said...

And you were worried about the random internet perverts...your friends are crazy enough! I am also excited about this contest and agree with everyone else about Darcy cheating. We're all so hyper-competitive we may need to find a way to sabatoge the situation... I hear red rasberry leaf tea can get contractions started!

Shanley said...

Hey Chrissy - start a blog and I can be your crazy internet pervert too...

Lynanne said...

Sounds like fun... I probably don't fit into the "friend" category since you dont know me but am not a "radom internet pervert" either. Or is anyone who's not a friend automatically a pervert? LOL

Kathryn said...

ooh, we can have entry forms at the shower -- with maybe a small prize for most egregious guesser -- you know, the person who guesses May 1, 16 pounds or something ;)

DarcyLaine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shanley said...

BD wants to award extra points to people whose last name rhymes with 'key,' or who are present for the birth, or to the first person to see the kidlet, I'll bet. I know how you two work.... :)

DarcyLaine said...

Love the interest. A couple of things:

a) What if we move the entry date back to March 31?

b) I will not cheat. And I will not remove myself from the competition. I'm in it, and I'm in it to win.

c) Anyone is welcome to play (even internet perverts, smile)...I just need to know the final winner (so we can deliver the prize). CLARIFICATION: By this, I mean that only friends or family are eligible for the prize.

d) BD brought up some concerns with the scoring which I think is legitime. We'll discuss with GS & GS to finalize.

Stay tuned for the final rules and regs....