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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Baby Needs a Vacation

Having a baby is a wonderful time for companies to make money. So it's no surprise that the travel and leisure industry is getting into the swing of things. Have you heard about "babymoons"? This is the new effort to brand pre-birth vacations where couples can get away from it all and pamper themselves before the big arrival.

I think the term is dumb, and the actual "babymoon" packages are ridiculously expensive, but the concept is great! Of course, I've never been one to think anything but positive thoughts about travel and vacationing.

So Cletus, BD, and I are off on Thursday to Florida, partly for a baby shower, partly for our "babymoon." This will include a spa day (yes!), partying (yes!), and then lying on the beach at Sanibel Island without e-mail and cell phone access (yes!). Okay, so we'll probably have cell phone access, but that's not what I'll tell work folks.

But this also means that I won't be updating this blog. Are there any topics or things you want me to post before-hand? I'm happy to do like three or four posts a day. You can then pace yourself and read only one at a time, carrying you through the week.


Shanley said...

Little blurb in the Health section of the Post today noting the results of a study about coffee during pregnancy, indicating that caffenated coffee during pregnancy did not produce lower birth-weight or pre-term births as compared to decaf coffee.
In the same section, the main story was about the increasing number of pre-term births (no caffeine mentioned).


eipwek said...

I may be wrong, but I think before people were calling pre-baby vacations "babymoons", I heard the word "babymoon" in reference to the brief period of time immediately following the birth of one's baby.....momma and baby (and maybe daddy too) bonding and ignoring the outside world and all other responsibilities. It seems like this would be a more accurate use of the word "babymoon".

Although, I'm with you - I think a pregnant couple taking a vacation to relax and celebrate is a wonderful idea! I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

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