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Thursday, February 15, 2007

We're Back!

So what's been going on?


Markbnj said...

Did you know that:

a) the reasons that baby's come so cute, adorable, helpless and small is that

1) you like them at first because they're cute adorable, helpless and small
2) you start to love and bond with them.
3) if they came as pre-teens you'd just send them back
4) if they came as Brain dead teen-agers, you'd just send back their dead body
5) if they came as 15-22 year olds, you'd just be told YOU got stupid and were a bunch of un-caring assholes.

Well.. I have to admit,
I occassionally get a hug from my 22yr old, and my 13 year old occassionally gets his brains back once in a while...


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Esquire said...

After looking through the Baby Name Wizard, I have decided I could find a better name for Cletus than those in some silly book. The name I have come up with is Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedow (the actual name apparently of Turkmenistan's new president). That it's one of the most unwieldy monikers EVER I think is what makes it truly fashionable and hip.