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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Dr. Goofball

I just had my 30-week appointment, and all went well. I'm rotating through all of the OBs at the practice, so I'll have met whoever is on duty when the time comes. Today, my appointment was with a guy who seems to be their silliest and most entertaining doctor.

First things first, though, everything looks really good. My weight and blood pressure are on point, and the baby's size and heartbeat are quite healthy.

Dr. Goofball asked me if I knew the gender and I told him that I did not. He then announced that he has an amazing streak of being right 50% of the time, when he guesses the gender using the heart beat trick (slower=boy, faster=girl). So he took one listen and announced that I was most certainly going to have a boy. He took another listen, noted that the heart beat was speeding up, and said it might be a girl. He said his instinct plus this scientific approach (which he called "total poop") was noted by about half the office as being nothing short of amazing. His final call: boy. And I 50% believe him!

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