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Saturday, February 17, 2007


Oh yeah, it's for real!


eipwek said...

Absolutely adorable nursery you've got going on there! Since I had my baby shower in a state 900 miles away (and I travelled by plane), my mom is going to bring all of the baby gear we received when she drives down to visit me shortly before the bay is due.

I am itching to put the baby's room together!!!!! My urge to nest is being thwarted by not having any of the baby's stuff here. Phooey.

gs said...

Very cute nursery glad that the nesting has begun!

rose said...

oh my god. i thought i had gotten this out of my system already, but i can't believe you're really having a baby!!!! somehow seeing the nursery just made it real all over again. it looks adorable, love the yuppie baby color scheme.