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Monday, February 19, 2007


It's a girl! Or at least, according to the dream BD had last night. So while I'm still basking in the pride of having my first pregnancy dream and finally getting some nesting instincts, he does a lap around me, and has the fist actual baby dream.

According to the dream, he's in the hospital, holding the new born little girl. She's perfectly healthy and, reportedly, 100% cute. He shows her off to the grandparents, who marvel at her full head of brown hair. At one point, she even looks up at him and smiles (though BD, when awake, knows that babies don't really do this for a couple of months).

I like this dream.


Kathryn said...

yay for nesting! the photos look great -- and it's so nice that both of you are getting that moony, expectant parent thing going on. can't wait to see your swelling belly in two weeks!

gs said...

I like this dream, too. It's wonderful! Even more miraculous than the fact that it's a girl (due to family history) is that she has a full head of hair...since BD and all of his siblings were (very cute) baldies! Darcy, were you born with hair...or bald?

DarcyLaine said...

I don't remember...that was a long time ago.


But I think I was bald too.