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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Big Baby

My doctor on Friday confirmed an earlier report by Dr. Goofball. Cletus is big (not "scary" big, not "monster" big, but a pretty husky kid nonetheless). I noted to the doctor that both BD and I were 9 pound-plus babies, and she immediately noted it in my file (when I had told that to Dr. Goofball, he said "Did you know that when you married him?").

So as to help me think passed the watermelon that I may have to squeeze through, she noted that big babies sleep better and longer--because they can fill up their big, fat bellies!

I also feel like kidlet got bigger in just the past couple of days. The constant squirmy seems to be turning into slower mashing and lodging. I had to do the first push-back on a body part that got cozy with my right lower rib yesterday.

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Chrissy said...

They said Cole was going to be giant (which is why I had to have him early) and he was a relative peanut (7lb. 11oz) Big babies do sleep better and they're less fragile (pronounced Frah-zhee-lay, it's italian) :-) By the way, I think we have your pink slippers here. We need to see updated prego pics before this baby stat contest begins!