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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dream Baby

After seven months of pregnancy, I finally reached an important milestone: I had my first dream about being pregnant/the baby.

I had heard from many other new moms who said they dreamed about their babies early in their pregnancies and that's how they "just knew" they were having a girl (or whatever).

My dream gave me no clues about the gender. And I know exactly why I had it.

Yesterday, Cletus the Fetus had a dance party in my belly all day long. It was the most motion I had felt, ever. And this kid moves a lot in general. BD couldn't believe it when he put his hand on my belly. It really, really felt like kidlet was trying frantically trying to find an escape route through my belly button. It was a scene for Alien.

Anywho, that was reality.

In the dream, Cletus was moving around a bunch and I looked down and saw the first visible imprint of a body part. It was a little tiny hand, just above my belly button. I got excited so I start tickling around the hand. It then pushed back a little harder until a little belly skin-covered hand lifted up and grabbed my tickling finger (just like a little baby does, because of the palmar reflex). It was cool, and didn't freak me out at all.

Then, for the rest of my dream, I was really excited and started telling everyone about how I finally had a dream about the baby.


Analyses? Other pregnancy or baby dreams people want to share?


GS said...

OK…I’ll take a stab at an analysis…Dr. GS here:
You “looked down and saw the first visible imprint of a body part”…this shows that you are finally accepting your pregnancy as very real. You have now accepted this fetus growing within you as now becoming a real being…maybe this means you can now start calling it “the baby” and not just the “fetus”…it brings it closer to reality.
In your dream when you started tickling the little hand…you started being a mother…interacting with your new baby. Then when the “baby” pushed back and reached up and grabbed your finger…he/she was reacting to you…the mother…or should I say THE MOTHER. At this point the baby started to love you and since you enjoyed it and thought it was “cool”, you too started becoming a mother and you enjoyed it. For the rest of your dream you started telling everyone about this dream…actually telling everyone how excited you are to be a mother.
I think this is very clear: You are now starting to think like a mother, with nurturing tendencies, you’re thinking how you will play and interact with your new little one, you’re thinking about how that little one will love you, you’re thinking of the “fetus” as now a real live baby…so start calling it that! And mostly this dream has told you what everyone that knows you knows already….YOU WILL BE A GREAT AND FANTASTIC MOTHER!!!

oooh...that was fun...have another dream!

eipwek said...

No analysis here - just wanted to say that my friend, whose son is 4 months old now, had the same exact dream!!! That is so weird!

When I first started feeling movement (around 19 weeks), I had a dream that the baby's arm actually punched through my skin during the night and then I rolled over and broke the baby's arm. I went to the hospital and they put a cast on the tiny arm and stitched me back up and everything was fine. Throughout the whole dream I was very calm, as if a baby's limbs puncturing momma's skin was perfectly normal. Odd.

Anonymous said...

Just had similar dream - first dream about noticing the imprint of my baby's foot pushing out under my belly button, outline of toes, foot shape, everything. I could also see an image of my full baby through my skin. Thought it was so cool and called my husband to see it. As he is looking at the foot imprint, my belly sort of peels back (like a car seat cover) and baby pops out, to look around. I am trying to keep it sort of wrapped with my womb (like a blanket) since it is still too early to be born and I don't want it to be too exposed to the outside elements yet. Baby seems to understand this, but first reaches over to kiss his/her father's fingers, then kisses my fingers, looks around once more then seems to say, okay, that's what i came for, see you guys soon! And pops back into my womb. I do my best to cover the baby again with my belly as it was before (a little hard to stretch the skin over all the limbs, but it works).
Funny you mention Aliens - we had actually seen a small clip of the movie the day before, as Signourey is in the clinic and having a nightmare about her belly moving with an alien inside. But my dream had NO sense of horror or nightmare quality. It just gave me a sense of reassurance, as if Baby came out to tell us all is good so far, and he/she is eager to see us again.

As you were 7 months pregnant in Feb, I wish you all the best with your family. I am 7 months now in December.