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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

How to Have Fun

Having fun--kicking back--takes on a whole new meaning when you are pregnant. By way of example, I will describe a typical evening (one much like last night):

Step One: Go over to a friends house

Step Two: Put on your bathing suit

Step Three: Stick your legs in the hot tub but keep your upper body warm with a sweatshirt (goal: don't boil or freeze the fetus)

Step Four: Pass around a six-pack, snagging an O'Douls for yourself

Step Five: Drive home (you're the designated driver, of course)

Step Six: If you need to detox from the O'Douls, try some delicious decaf coffee

Step Seven: Get in bed by 10



Gammy said...

I thought "kicking back" was going to describe some foot action on the inside of your ribs.

A blog for another day, I'll wager.

Shanley said...

You should add that even in your condition, you can still do some awesome street jam-type dancing. Something you did on Sunday did make me wonder for a moment if you can give a fetus whiplash or a concussion from jumping around too much.

eipwek said...

Sounds like an awesome preggo part-ay! Dunno if you're a fan of Guinness, but its non-alcoholic counterpart, Kaliber, is pretty yummy.

Kathryn said...

girl, you can still kick it old school. had a fabulous time at your house yesterday.