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Monday, January 1, 2007


Here it is: the year of the baby! Game on!

Okay, it's for real. I'm pregnant. Unbelievably, I'm already in my sixth month. I'm getting bigger daily, and the kid sure does love to kick me. So, it's time to get serious and start doing some real planning and preparation. Here's the list so far.

1. Sign up for childbirth class (Check. We're on for a full day one Sunday in March.)
2. Talk to work about my maternity leave plans (I'm hoping to do this the week after next.)
3. Start getting the house ready (Check. We made big progress this weekend with my brother-in-law moving into the basement apartment. His old room will be the nursery.)
4. Start getting gear (Setting up the registries was a good start. BD is also checking out video cameras and cars.)

I'm feeling good...kind of excited actually. Here's to a happy, healthy, a peaceful 2007 for all!

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Anonymous said...

Good thing the nursery is empty and sparkling clean, since I ordered the crib and bedding set this weekend. I also ordered the lamp because I thought it was adorable.

The only down side of ordering these items early is that everyone else doesn't get to check out the decor you're thinking about.

Want me to order the mattress, too? If so, I'll get the vibrating one with all the bells and whistles. Other parents of my other grandchildren sometimes frown on my excesses ... so you may prefer to select the mattress yourself.

Can't wait to see the nursery take shape. Lucky baby!