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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I often think about how lucky I've been with this pregnancy. It has really been drama-free.

Until now!

Turns out I'm the one who's not quite so perfect. I just got a call from my doctor, and even though I passed the diabetes and syphillis tests with flying colors, I appear to be *gasp* slightly anemic.

So bring on the spinach, bring on the mustard greens, and bring on the iron pills! BD seems to actually be excited that we now have a required medical intervention...he loves buying pills.


Shanley said...

What does this mean for the pregnancy?
Funny timing, I ate an entire bag of spinach with dinner tonight. yummm.
Maybe that Super S kate was referring to is going to be for your super spinach eating powers.

gs said...

Other good sources of iron are: dried apricots (organic, of course), raisins, prunes, eggs...especially the yolk, broccoli, asparagus, kale. Certain things help the iron get absorbed...especially Vitamin eat lots of citrus fruits...maybe add fresh squeezed lemon juice to some of your daily glasses of water...and maybe take some additional Vit. C tablets...check with your OB on the amounts. Also, black leaf tea can hinder absorbtion of iron so stay clear of that.
Another good source of iron is molasses...a good excuse to make some homemade molasses cookies! I can pass on some recipes for you...I have one called "Extra Iron Muffins"...let me know if you'd like this (or a few other iron-rich recipes).

yo mama said...

Tell BD that the OB has prescribed a facial and a new hot tub.

Kathryn said...

Bummer. In my last job, when we did programs for pregnant ladies in the developing world they were all given Iron and Folic Acid mega-doses in month 6 on the assumption that they're lacking these nutrients. Interesting that well-fed America can also be lacking such important health goodies!

Chrissy said...

I produced two great kids while anemic. The hazards of not eating red meat. My doctor recommended eating cereal with lots of iron (Smart Start) Make sure you do your best to keep it up because after birth it goes way lower. My level was actually at 1 after Ryan. I enjoy reading your blog everyday. It makes me feel so much more a part of your life and makes me want to start a blog!

Shanley said...

Yeah! Start a blog, Chrissy! Then we can feel more involved in your life, too.

So, is anyone going to touch the 'loves buying pills' comment? Come on!