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Friday, January 19, 2007

The Hillary Follow-up

I posted earlier that I had become obsessed with the media plan for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign that I had to create for one of my graduate courses. Well pretty much as soon I turned it in, I then became obsessed with finding out my grade on it.

Well I found out. I got an A! And I got some really great comments from the instructor. In fact, it's taking everything in me not to copy and paste the e-mail he sent me into this blog post. It just wouldn't be right.

So apparently I do a lot better with political communications than with blogging (otherwise, how do you explain the A- in my digital age course?).

I apologize if this seems like the blog has become a brag-blog (what with the recent poker win and all). But, um, well, sorry. I just get really excited about these kinds of things. Yes, I know. I am Tracy Flick.


Shana said...

Hee, I'm Tracy Flick too. Or I was in high school, anyway.

So, how is the actual media blitz following your plan so far?

Madeleine said...

I was disappointed to see Hillary do a couch chat to open the "conversation" with America. Saturday Night Live would have been WAY BETTER. You need to get your ideas into the right hands, woman!