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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bragging Rights

This post is not about pregnancy, balancing work and graduate school, or any topic that I once claimed this blog would be about.

It is simply about how awesome I am!

On Thursday night, I won a poker tournament. I took down 12 other players, including some who are serious poker junkies. I wiped them all out in just two and a half hours. Booyah!

I am the time for losing...cuz I am the champion of the world!!!


gs said...

Darcy, it's too bad you don't write with some enthusiasm and feeling! Ha!

Shanna said...

Nice goin', Darcy!!! However, if Cletus had anything to do with it, may I defer him to the following post in previous comments :)

ciscoblog said...
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gs said...

That's funny, Shanna!!

Kathryn said...

rock on!!! love when women kick ass at gambling.

rose said...

hmmm, did you use the patented rose and carrie cheating method of "getting the guys drunk and then trading cards with each other when they're not looking"? because it works every time.