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Monday, January 8, 2007

This Blog is Great Minus

I started this blog as part of an assignment for one of my graduate school courses (Introduction to the Digital Age). I just got my grade back for the semester. It is a....drumroll please...A-.

I far prefer the "A++" Shanna gave me in the comments section.

Regardless, this is definitely the one and only class assignment I've ever kept up with after the course was over.


Troublemaker said...

Did the professor make any specific recommendations?

I for one was looking for way more controversy. Motherhood? Seems like that's a topic that always stirs up controversy and catfights.

Your audience is so vanilla. Where are the nuts????!!

ciscoblog said...

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Shanley said...

WTF? Are you getting blog spam? Does this mean that your blog has "arrived?"

Kathryn said...

Argh. I also just got an A-. I knew you'd appreciate my overwhelming annoyance at being perfect, almost.

Rebecca said...

I for one agree with the insightful comments on motherhood from ciscoblog. Don't let your baby gamble, Darcy.

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