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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Feeling Good About Life

I'm just feeling really good, and I thought that I'd share. I really thought I'd be more sore and more tired...more "over it"...than I do at this point. So I thought it'd be nice for y'all to read a "life's just dandy" post on a pregnancy blog since they seem to be so rare.

Today, I wrote a 15-page new business proposal and presented some client work to our firm's board of directors. Yep, that was in one day. Oh yeah, and I stepped out for an hour at noon to have a delicious, expensive, outdoor lunch with my amazing husband. Beautiful weather. And I'm leaving by 6. And I get to go to a PEO meeting (my women's group) which always means a good dinner.

Cletus is happily kicking at my ribs. BD said it would be helpful (not naggy) for me to give him a to-do list. Seriously, life is good.


twolinesonastick said...

That's funny, my hubby actually wanted a to-do list too. I almost felt kind of bad writing it, but he has kept it on his desk and worked on the things on it! I guess our "nesting" must be spurring something in them, too.

Gammy said...

Such a delight that BD ... requested a honey-do list! We should all be so blessed.

I'm feeling good today, too. Just packed my fly-up-to-DC-on-a-moment's notice bag.

Kathryn said...

yay! I'm so happy to hear this. Every now and then, I feel like all the pieces in life just fall into place. So great when it happens -- and even better when you can recognize it an revel in the moment. sending warm thoughts your way.

I said...

The beauty of the to-do list is that we don't need to listen to our wives nagging anymore.

Lynanne said...

Do you suppose this was the spurt of energy before labor that they talk about? ;)

Lynanne said...
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