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Monday, March 26, 2007

Fetal Attraction Contest: Our Guesses

My entry (I think it's a winner!):

Gender: Boy
Arrival Date: April 17
Arrival Time: PM
Weight: 8 lb, 9 oz
Height: 21.5 inches
Hair/No Hair: Hair

BD's entry:

Gender: Girl
Arrival Date: April 15
Arrival Time: PM
Weight: 8 lb, 12 oz
Height: 21 inches
Hair/No Hair: Hair


Chrissy said...

So have you thought of the ways to cheat? Like if the doctor says, "hmmm, I'm thinking around 7 lbs." are you going to start chowing down? Or perhaps doing streches to lengthen the baby?

Auntie Shan said...

Even though my entry said boy--based on the S. Family history, for some reason my "instinct" is saying girl. Almost like it's not even in question--my instinct is 100% certain. It's wierd! In talking w/ UJ, I have caught myself referencing your baby girl!

Shanley said...

How much of your guesses are what you want vs. what the Ouija board said? I notice an awfully small birth weight proposed by you, compared to what the two of you were and the "it's a big baby" comment by a doc (or was that all made up to throw us off?). And BD picking a Sunday date - nicely done, he'll be around to take you to the hospital yet still has a Saturday to relax. And no AM births? what a surprise there... :)
Of course, I also wonder if these are the genders you secretly prefer too?