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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Is it Procrastination If...?

Last night, I intended to finish paper #3 (already in progress) or start paper #4. Instead, we assembled the pack-n-play, put batteries in all of the baby geegaws, set up the baby monitor, attempted to arrange the downstairs baby room, switched the positions of the crib and the changing table in the nursery, and rubbed lotion on my giant ankles.

Then we got news of Unkie J and Auntie S's friend who gave vaginal, drug-free birth to an 11 lb, 7 oz baby (nope, not a typo). So then there was the time needed to get out the smelling salts and resuscitate me.

So if I'm tackling other things on the to-do list, does it count as procrastination?


Shanley said...


Sorry, but true. Papers due first! Then baby! Get back to work!

Maybe you should start eating crisco or other greasy foods to help the kiddo slide out easier?

gh said...

You've never shied from a challenge. Go for 11 lb. 8 oz. (And still make it to class on time and with a well-above-averge paper #4 in your diaper bag.)