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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baby Safety

In my job (health and safety public relations), I read all sorts of depressing stories about teens killed in car crashes, women suffering from breast cancer, and (today) kids dying in home fires.

The stories today about kids dying in the Bronx fire really struck a chord. As such, we are now registered for an extra smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, and emergency escape ladder. Since they don't offer these items at BabiesRUs or GreatBeginnings, I've started a new one at

Got to keep the kids safe!


Shanley said...

Forget the birth plan for a minute. What is your Blog Plan?? Is there a blogging surrogate that will let us know when there is news? If it's a long labor, will there be a play-by-blog? Or will news be handled offline? Do you have a contact list / strategy (email / call) set up? Who will deliver the big news?

Dora said...

Good words.