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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spoiled Rotten- Part Deux

Phew! Today was the fourth of four total baby showers. My office hosted a luncheon for BD and me and showed us some major love. Just in case we were tempted to think we had every baby thing in the world, I got dozens more things I didn't even know about. A couple of highlights: a gift certificate to a home cooked meal delivery company and a onesie that says "Don't wake me; I'll wake you."

On Sunday, my women's group (PEO) hosted a baby shower too. Not only did Cletus get some great loot (including a "Born to Read" shirt and diaper covers--finally!), I got a lot of great advice from moms who've "been there, done that."

Oh, and here's my belly now. Behold!


BG said...

Timely photo, Baby Mommy. Fans have been asking for a new silhouette of Cletus' BM. Omigod your belly button all but vanished in the last eight days. I think I can see CS waving!

Whose disco baby's AI pick?

rose said...

i told my coworkers about how i told you that you looked like tweedledum and tweedledee from alice in wonderland, and they were appalled. i meant that in the most flattering possible way.:)

gs said...

Awesome belly, Baby Mommy!! The other gs says..."That's one ripe watermelon...a real thumper!!" Looks like time is getting very near!!

Chrissy said...

You look beautious! I love your belly. I maybe want to rescind my girl prediction...that looks an awful lot like a boy belly!

Carrie said...