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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

These are the days of miracle and wonder

Labor is going along smoothly and much less painful for bm. She is off the pitocin and is progressing quickly.

Just wanted to take a minute to marvel at the times we live in. From the crazy equipment in the hospital, to the fact that bm's parents were called at 4am and able to join us in the hospital before 10am (and they live 1000 miles away), to the ability to post web updates from my phone in the hospital and get feedback from friends, loved ones, and well wishers all over the country.


Kathryn said...

Yeah, modern life! I have been obsessively checking the blog and saying prayers and nice thoughts for all three of you. thanks so much for keeping us updated in the downtime -- we're all so excited for you! And how wonderful to know everyone is safe, sound and healthy, if not exactly comfortable!


Shanley said...

I agree w/ Kate. It's awesome to know what's going on. Thanks for all of the updates. Though I wish this whole process would move along a little faster!
p.s. Which doctor did you end up with??
p.p.s. When you say Darcy was 'resting' was she actually snoozing through some labor? That would be awesome. She would be my personal sleeping hero.

Michelle said...

So glad BM is managing better. Can you tell Cletus to hurry up, though? This is proving a HUGE distraction from school stuff - I'm just crap at containing excitement (everyone who has made the mistake of asking how I am today knows I have a friend in labor)!

Also, I think we should blame Cletus' early arrival on Gammy as her packing her "ready to go at any time bag" yesterday clearly triggered this morning's events.

Hooty Hoo for babies!

rose said...

hooty hoo indeed. i realize some people would think it's ridiculous to be live-blogging a birth, but i think it's really nice that we all get to know what's going on and don't have to wait a few days to find out she went into labor. so, thanks BD! and rock on BM! (everyone i work with also knows about the labor... michelle and i are definitely talkers.)

melissa said...

Cheers all around! Though I'm not known for being a "talker", everyone in my office has heard about the labor too.

They're all pulling for you to stick with the name Cletus.

Anthony said...

Good luck to BM, BD and BBD!


Chrissy said...

Oh God. Please don't call it Cletus. :-) I just got home from work to see the great news. Thanks for keeping us updated. It's so cool. Any pics of her cervix dialating? hehehehe. I guess BD isn't allowed down there during the process. Keep us posted. I know I'll be glued to the laptop for the rest of the night.

twolinesonastick said...

I am so excited for you both! And this gives me hope that *maybe* my baby will come soon :) I will be watching for updates.

Kathryn said...

okay, just out of class and ran to the computer -- if it hasn't happened yet, hang in there! And yes, I"m a talker -- a large team of art history students and Met employees are pulling for you too. we're forming some sort of slide presentation for you, since no one is that good at forming cheers.

Auntie Sara said...

Oh my goodness!!! I just got a phone call from dad that this was going on just right now!!! I'm up in Canada and didn't have access to my email etc. for awhile! This is so excitging!!!! I'm going to go out and buy a onesie with a canadian flag on it for the baby!!!

This is so awesome!! Hope everything is going smoothly!!

Lynanne said...

Just more continued good luck wishes!

Poor BM....pitocin is such awful stuff. Good for her for going with the epidural.

My thoughts are with you all - I can't wait to hear/read the good news!