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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What do I need?

Hey mamas-- So what do I actually need to put on my registry? I would like to register at this store ( with an eye on the basics (cribs, strollers, car seats, etc.) Please send me your suggestions for the couldn't-live-without products.

Of course, hand-me-downs are still my favorite things ever... so keep them coming!



Shanley said...

People I know swear by the Gymini. It would also be fun to have a catnip onesie to put on the baby. Entertainment for all!
Also, Buy Buy Baby on Rockville Pike is overwhelming but they seem to have everything if you want to look at stuff in person before registering for it online. And that Baby Bargains book I've been looking for (by the Wedding Bargains couple) is really helpful, says my cousin.
By the way, since my experience indicates that genders of babies I know arrive in clumps, and the other couple I know due around the same time as you has found out (and shared) the sex of their fetus, I know with 99% certainty what you're having. But no, I'm not going to share. I'm off to buy a bunch of pi-bl-GREEN baby clothes.

Lisa said...

The number one thing I couldn't live without is the stroller carseat combo. It is super easy to move a sleeping baby from the stroller, to the car, to the house. Other baby products are just bonuses.

The second greatest thing we currently own is a jumper that we hang in the doorway. Paul thinks it is the best toy ever and all it does is entertain him while tiring him out.

DarcyLaine said...

Lisa-- What brand is your stroller/carseat combo? Thanks!

Lisa said...

It's a Graco MetroLite travel system.

gs said...

Looks like you've done a really good job of picking out necessities. Here's my suggestion of things needed:(most of these things you already have listed)
good thermometer, large diaper bag, baby monitor, desitin (no butt paste...see above), infant cotton mittens (in case of sharp little fingernails...prevents them from scratching their face...only needed for a short time, but they work great), baby bath, good diaper pail, of course, a stroller and car seat, baby book general reference...still the best is the old-time Dr. Benjamin Spock's book "Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care"...a must to have late at night when you need to have immediate information about your baby.
Now here's a list of what you DON'T need:
baby scale, lots of clothes...they grow out of them so fast. Just get enough clothes to get you by for the first 18 months
Oh, and now for what the new mom needs: several nursing nightgowns...for when the baby needs a "fast food" meal during the night, also tea and/or juice for mom to drink while nursing.

for the nursing mother said...

dry French or Spanish rose, sauvignon blanc ... I'm sure I'll think of more to add to the list