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Sunday, December 10, 2006

I Suck At Yoga

Today was my third time going to pre-natal yoga, and the sad truth is that I'm terrible at it. I'm the least pregnant woman in the class and also the least flexible and least strong.

I really like the concept of going to pre-natal yoga, and I will continue to go to the class in hopes of becoming more strong and flexible. And I remind myself that if I think this is hard, well, you know... I ain't seen nothing yet.

So that's why I see mastering the downward dog as my first major parenting duty. It's all about sacrifice, right?

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Shanna said...

Earlier this year I started doing this Abs and "NRG Bar" class. The first three classes were pure torture ... but I knew the more often I did them, the easier it would get ... and it did! But if I took a week off, it became torturous again.

Hang in there (possibly literally) and it will continue to get easier!

Granted, I didn't have a person growing inside me, so I could be totally wrong--but it seems like a great thing to continue trying!