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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Fun With Life Insurance

Getting life insurance is actually a pretty big ordeal. They send a nurse out to your house to pick up a zillion forms, take your height and weight, draw blood, and collect a urine sample. You haven't really lived until you walk out of your own bathroom with a plastic cup and announce, "Okay, here's my pee."

The worst part of the exam is that they ask you to fast prior to the blood draw (cholesterol test). How do you ask a pregnant woman to fast? I know I wasn't that interested in eating in my first tremester, but that has really turned around in my second trimester. Last night, my hubby reminded me of the fasting requirement, and said that I wasn't supposed to eat anything for 8 to 12 hours. I freaked out completely. I couldn't think of any time in my life when I went eight hours without eating, unless I'm asleep. Fortunately, he did a bit more research and learned it was only four hours.

That was a lot more doable, but still not pleasant. I decided that working on my final paper for school would burn too many calories, making the fast impossible, even for four hours. So, instead, I chose to play video games and watch TV for four hours. Some would call this procrastination; I call it well-reasoned and practical.

Hilariously, we started pigging out once the nurse left. We ate like freed hostages. I ate a PBJ sandwhich, a christmas cookie, honey mustard pretzels, and a cupcake. My hubby had two beers, a hot dog, some chocolate cake, and corn chips. If the nurse came back to our house at the point, needing to redraw blood for some reason, we would've been screwed. But full and happy.

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I said...

I love that the first thing he went for was two beers.