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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Getting Ready for Baby

No, we haven't figured out a theme for the nursery or picked out names. We haven't set up a registry or started knitting booties.

We've been getting ready for baby in all the non-cute ways. My hubby, thankfully, is taking the lead on this.

We have:

*figured out health insurance (I'm switching over to his)
*bought life insurance
*started thinking about drawing up our wills
*explored 529s (college funds...we might divert some of our 2007 401k investments this way)
*scheduled graduate school courses for the Spring semester with professors who will work around my due date
*started planning child care options

Odd that people don't ask me about these kinds of issues when they want to talk about getting ready for baby!

1 comment:

Shanley said...

still to pick out names?!? that should be over once you realized that there is nothing better than Broccoli Sawatzki! It's not even gender-specific.
12/5/06, 10:22pm, still intoxicated. Drinking for three (you and little Broccoli).