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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Fetal Attraction Contest: Winner!

And the winner is.....


Although he guessed a bald-headed boy, Alex's near perfect date and weight guesses put him at the front of the pack. Yes, we all rolled our eyes when we saw his guess for a March 29 delivery date (doesn't this guy know that 87% of first born babes come after due date??), but he showed us all. And he was a mere 3 oz off on the birth-weight.

Alex attributes his win to "the letters Delia has been writing [him] from the womb for the last several months."

He will be awarded a gift certificate to local cutie-patooty gift store, Now & Then, at our Easter Brunch on Sunday. Media welcome.

And now for the bad news: blog regular, Aunt Shanley, came in dead last despite repeated declarations that she knew (just knew!) the gender based on some fool-proof measure (genders of the other babies being born around the same time). Oops.

Thanks to all participants, and thanks to contest sponsors: GS & GS.


Shanley said...

Ahem, I would like to remind you of my more recent dream that girl baby was born early, and with hair! This was a separate (but same night) dream than the 'baby is a dog' dream.

I'd like an honorable mention for my psychic dream, please.

It's great to be the biggest loser, though.

Chrissy said...

Um... perhaps you missed by dead-on perfectly accurate entry towards the end of the contest blog comments. I was sure to get it in by the March 31st deadline and I got everything exactly right. I call for a recount! You Floridians are known for counting incorrectly!

It was a great contest idea. What do you still need for the little peanut?

Speaking of which, do you call her anything other than Delia? Not neccesarily a nickname but perhaps a term of endearment (for example, I call my boys peanut, pinochle, stinky, etc.)