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Monday, April 9, 2007

Direction of Blog?

I'd love some input on we're you'd like to see this blog go. I'm a little reluctant to become a "mommy blogger."



Shanley said...

Well, on one hand, it's your blog so it you want it to go into a cyberspace black hole for abandoned blogs, we'll have to live with that. I'm sure that we'll all find a new obsession/work distraction, or someone else might step up with their own blog (Chrissy, I'm thinking of you...).

I can understand if you're not keen on blogging about the joys or challenges of breastfeeding, interrupted sleep, or how Delia is studying to be ANTM.

Part of me would not mind at all going back to relying on personal communication instead of the one-size-fits-all with the 'who might read this' filtered McCommunication I once accused the blog of being. However, it has been fun to hold group discussions with those that aren't local, and as more people trickle away, I would really miss this aspect. Though we could consider something to fill this need in a different, perhaps password protected, forum.

As for Delia, I'm sure that many would like to see pictures of her as she grows, but again, that can be done in a different method (maybe a flickr gallery? or Picasa albums? or just plain email?).

To conclude, I am of no help or direction-offering at all, but would be supportive (not the same as encouraging) if you wanted to let this go.

Kathryn said...

Huh. yeah, good question. It is fun, especially for people in your life that I like but have no reason to call -- mainly your fabulous families. So I like that. But then, you're right, mommy-blogging really isn't you. Can you annoint a new working/student pregnant lady? Maybe you could keep passing it from one pregnant woman to the next, because the IDEA of the blog is a really good one -- I'd probably be sucked in even if I didn't love you and Andy, think Delia was adorable, and get kicks out of posting with your fam.

Rebecca said...

While I understand your fears about being a typical Mommy Blogger, I'd hate to see this blog go. I think you could carry it easily into the realm of a funny smart woman don't you want to read about my life and often see pictures of my adorable baby growing blog. If anyone could create that blog catagory, you could. I say this for my own selfish reasons, as I greatly enjoy your blog and feeling more connected. I would also understand if it fell by the wayside with mommyhood, school, etc. No pressure!

Madeleine said...

Since I still live close by, I haven't been as much of a blog lover as many... though I have enjoyed the blog! I think people like it because they feel connected even if they physically aren't. So, I recommend that you keep it, especially because you've liked that too!

However, I also think it's important that you maintain your own identity as Darcy (not as mom, student, wife, PEO sister, etc). For that, I recommend that you use this blog as many people use their blogs-- give us your ideas and thoughts, whatever they may be. So, for example, if you just watched "America's Next Top Supermodel" and have some beef with smoking... tell us! Or, if you just rocked a test and wanna toot your horn, tell us. And when Delia says her first word, TELL US! Don't keep with some sort of format of what can be discussed... just keep on with it. Those that you love who live both near and far (I'm picturing Grover of Sesame Street now.. "near...... far") would be happy, I'm quite sure! I think you would too!

In short: forget format, just write whatever!

Chrissy said...

I too love the connectivity that this blog has provided. It has been neat to "talk" to you all much more often though I'm normally pretty horrible at keeping in touch.

I agree that the blog would be wonderful but less enthralling if you tried to do a day by day blow-by-blow (Delia nursed for 45 minutes this morning...) and decidedly un-Darcy. I too still want frequent updates and pictures of Delia should you choose to discontinue this forum. Like Shanley, I would love to see a Letts/AU/Monkey Manor chat room that could be visited for open chats that could get more personal (for example, my struggles with money vs. time lately, or guilt over working when we don't need the money, I just love me job) I would love to hear how your personal ives are going since we never seem to get together. I dissed blogs before becoming totally addicted to this one. I don't have the insight, nor the general public interest that Darcy has managed to capture with this blog. It would also probably turn into a total brag blog about my awesome family (except the dog, I'm not so keen on his barkingof late...) So, like others, I will support you no matter what you choose to do with the blog. Sorry that we all suck with our suggestions.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

Michelle said... are some things I'd like to learn more about that maybe you could steer your blog in the direction of:

-how my car works and why it sometimes makes a weird squeeky noise
-how to tell annoying doofus colleagues to suck it, but in a totally professional way
-learning to speak a foreign language in a fun way
-how to pass the bar without studying for it

If none of these things appeal to you, I'm totally behind the idea of discussing reality TV shows - you could get weeks of materials out of Spencer from The Hills and the Sons of Hollywood, and how the superdouche men on those shows are either leading or representative of a decline in the quality of males in our society.

Shanley said...

Michelle, I wish that I was in school, I would use "Spencer from The Hills and the Sons of Hollywood, and how the superdouche men on those shows are either leading or representative of a decline in the quality of males in our society" as a thesis topic. It's brilliant. Though I've never heard of either of these shows.

BTW, I've created a Letts 3 North group on AU's InCircle site. Register! Join! Add others! (My terrible memory came up with a sad little number of L3Ners.) It's open to anyone who has lived on L3N, regardless of year. We can reconnect with others, and start to think about an "L3N at 10" reunion this fall.