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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Today, I gave birth to a blog. It was a fairly painless process, from conception (about two weeks ago) to now.

Picking the name was the hardest--but most fun--part. My father-in-law came up with the winning suggestion: Fetal Attraction. This edged out earlier front runners "In the Baby Way," "Fetal Mania," and "Blog in the Oven." But I think Fetal Attraction really is a blog I can love... and I hope you will too.

On this site, I will share musings about my first pregnancy (now four months along), interesting articles with health news or helpful tips, thoughts about modern motherhood-to-be that includes a career and graduate school, and comments and feedback from anybody who has something to contribute.

Welcome to the world, Fetal Attraction!

1 comment:

gs said...

I love the name of your blog...perfect! I hope among other things that you include information on people's reactions to the announcement, updates on fetal development maybe every 2-4 weeks, and maybe report on the "little one's" movements as they become more pronounced, also, your thoughts on these movements and hearing the heartbeat and your husband's thoughts and his participation. Keep up the good work!